Tim Mathys offers update on Pauls Jonass injury – ordeal after German crash

Image: Shot by Bavo

Pauls Jonass had quite the ordeal after crashing out at the start of the MXGP second moto in Germany. The news on Sunday night was a dislocated shoulder as well as a fracture to his upper arm but things have developed.

Leon van Gestel, a Belgian commentator called Standing Construct team owner, Tim Mathys who provided an update – the injury is now a lot worse due to the behavior of the on site FIM doctor.

We also contacted Mathys who confirmed the news but was quick to stress that the doctor at the race is the FIM’s responsibility. Infront Moto Racing did their job by providing the truck with RX and scan infrastructure but the doctor did not request a photo or scan – which he should have done!

See the update from Mathys below:

“It’s unfortunately quite a story again. It was quickly apparent yesterday after the crash that there was something wrong with Pauls shoulder joint. The doctor on site assumed that the shoulder was dislocated “along the front” and immediately started trying to pull the shoulder into the socket, however, without taking a picture or scan of the shoulder despite Pauls’ physio repeatedly insisting that. When that failed they gave him, still in the loft on the court, some anesthesia and the doctor again tried to forcefully pull the shoulder into the socket. However, then he noticed that the shoulder was making abnormal movements and also heard “bone noises.””

“The doctor then had Pauls placed in an ambulance and taken to Halle Hospital. There they saw that the shoulder was not only dislocated but the bulb of the upper arm had broken off. The broken off shoulder ball was next to the fracture, something that more than likely happened while attempting to draw in the socket. It is incomprehensible and unacceptable that the doctor acted this way and more than likely made the injury a lot more serious”.

“To make matters worse, they said at the hospital that it was important to operate quickly to avoid nerve damage, something that was confirmed by Dr. Claes based on the photos sent to him. They would start operating on Pauls immediately, but then we suddenly got the message that another patient with a severe back injury had arrived, which was given priority. They would operate on Pauls around 2 a.m. tonight. At 4 a.m. they said they would operate on him during the day because the operation team was too tired. Fortunately the surgery has been done and Pauls has good movement in his hand and fingers. We hope everything will be okay.