Thomas Sileika creates his own MX gear brand

Thomas Sileika has plenty of Motocross experience, if you follow the EMX125 and EMX250 championships he’s a name you will have heard about. The Latvian has now decided to create his own gear brand – FLOW. 

Sileika told us a little bit more about his project. 

“I love motocross and I wanted to find a way to be involved in it even when its time for me to hang up the boots as a rider. So, after a lot of brainstorming I came up with the idea that I should make my own motocross gear brand. It’s a great idea because I’ve been riding all my life and I know what a rider should want out of a racing gear. As well the prices on the market are really high and kind of gotten out of control a bit in my opinion, so I was up for the challenge”.

“As far as the production goes I have the control to make every change I want to the design and model so it just comes down to myself testing the product and constantly making improvements. My near future plans with FLOW are to provide the riders with the top quality gear for the best possible price. And I hope soon enough I will be able to help young riders by sponsoring them with gears and other race wear. As for now I can offer teams special one of a kind designs”.

You can see some images of the lovely and clean gear, below:

If you are interested, you can get in touch via the Instagram accounts below: