Tested: Motoklik – set your suspension up perfectly!

Excellent suspension is one of the most vital components of speed around a motocross circuit whatever the level. A fast bike with bad suspension won’t help as much as a slower bike with great suspension.

Suspension is crucial for trust, speed and safety but setting it up is complicated for most riders. For many, it’s a bit of a guessing game but that guesswork is now redundant thanks to Motoklik, a revolutionary company making great suspension set-up available everyone.

Motoklik is an easy to use, easy to fit, robust suspension setup and lap-timing system for use in motocross.

In short, once the sensors are on, everything can be done on your smartphone and gives you, to the very last click, how your suspension should be set up from hard pack to sand, the sensors on the bike are tracking everything from lap times, and gives information as detailed as relative speed based on track roughness to earlier in the day as well as when and where the bike bottoms out.

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It’s impressive and could revolutionise how the weekend warrior is able to set up their bike.

So, does it really work? We tested with club rider Richard Greer to get feel of how the product really can benefit the average rider, and spoke to Stuart Edmonds , who currently uses the technology at the Pro level, we also caught up with MotoKlick CEO Jens Koepke to learn more about the product that’s available here.

From club rider to pro, the reflections were positive.

Stuart Edmonds: “I don’t think anyone who gets it shouldn’t get a benefit out of it. If they don’t they are doing something wrong. Straight away you stick ot on your bike and you get your laptimes and suspension combined. It gives you a massive input on increasing speed, increasing stability on the bike and being able to ride faster for longer and being comfortable.

“Sometimes in myself you get a bit caught up with is it too hard or soft. To be able to go and look at the date and be able to tell straight away, ‘yeah, it’s actually too hard.’ It’s an asset for me to have.”

Richard Greer: “It is going to help. It gives you the ideal set-up for you and that track. You would become a better rider and better test rider just by using the system and making the changes it recommends and go from there.”

“I could feel the improvement, I could feel the suspension moving more. We took five clicks off the front and a few clicks off the back. When I made the adjustments I could go through the bumps, there wasn’t as much fighting with the suspension.”

Get the full in-depth verdict below:

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Read the full press release on the new AiSetup to learn more about their latest technology:

Motoklik, the industry leader in motocross AI technology, is proud to unveil AiSetup, an innovative artificial intelligence software that revolutionises suspension set-up and lap-timing. With AiSetup, riders can optimise their suspension settings without the tedious trial-and-error process, thanks to precise recommendations generated by advanced AI algorithms.

Motoklik Key Features:

  • Streamlined Suspension Tuning: Say goodbye to time-consuming trial and error. AiSetup provides clear, easy-to-understand recommendations for clicker adjustments, saving valuable track time and frustration.
  • Lap-Timing: Motoklik’s lap-timing technology enables riders to track and analyse their performance while correlating it with suspension settings for better insights.
  • Compatibility: AiSetup works with the main motocross models, ranging from 85cc up to 450cc, providing optimised suspension settings for a wide range of bikes.

Jens Köpke, CEO of Motoklik, shared his excitement about the launch of AiSetup, saying, “Motoklik has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in motocross technology. With AiSetup, we are redefining suspension tuning by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. We believe this software will revolutionize the way riders approach suspension set-up and help them unleash their full potential on the track.”

Motoklik’s AiSetup is set to disrupt the motocross industry, offering riders of all levels an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency in suspension tuning. The system is available on Motoklik’s website, and is compatible with a wide range of motocross bikes.

For more information about Motoklik and AiSetup, please visit www.motoklik.com or contact info@motoklik.com