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Team USA participation in doubt at Ernee MXoN?

Team USA participation in doubt at Ernee MXoN?
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Amazingly, the defending MXoN champions, team USA, may not actually defend their title in Ernee now, with Steve Matthes saying it’s 70-30 they won’t turn up!

Embarrassing is the only word when both Lawrence brothers are going with US Honda, Roczen for Germany, Ferrandis was fuming he wasn’t going for France and Dean Ferris is coming all the way from Australia – and Canada are sending a team!

The biggest budget of them all, team USA, have no excuses except maybe they don’t want to lose? The rumours are Sexton is out because he is switching teams to KTM which is understandable, Deegan has apparently chosen Australian supercross over MXoN, but America is the biggest motocross Nation in the world, surely finding two other riders can’t be that hard?

Rumours earlier this week said Plessinger, Vohland and RJ Hampshire were the pencilled in team – which would still have been strong. But now a rider may have pulled out!

Much smaller countries with less rider depth have had issues, too. The Dutch have no Herlings this year and de Wolf just back on the bike but they are still going, France had no Vialle or Benistant to chose from last year and no Febvre racing either- and still came close to winning! Even Australia haven’t been able to pick a healthy Mitch Evans from MXGP due to his ongoing injury issues.

Belgium, one of the powerhouse countries historically, have no factory 450 GP riders to choose from. Their team is under 23 MX2 riders. Jago Geerts is still coming back from a broken collarbone and isn’t at his best yet, 18 year old Everts hasn’t even rode a 350 or 450 yet and still doesn’t know what bike he’ll step up on while Lucas Coenen is ready to represent at just 16 years old. There is no way they wouldn’t want to turn up for Belgium. The big shame is no 16 year old Coenen v 17 year old Deegan breaking our superstar match-up!

Would America send an U23 team of riders all from the 250 class? It’s doubtful.

After all the small countries made the effort to go to America last year, despite the expense, it seems pretty disrespectful the defending champs, who got given a home MXdN twice in the last five years, are now considering not going to France to defend their title despite a host of factory riders available to choose from and other AMA riders attending.

It’s a shame for the event, the fans and also the couple of US riders willing to go represent their country in front of a bumper crowd of fervent fans at Ernee, they are being robbed of that unique life experience.

Let’s hope the US find a way to go and respect the event. Just because they might not be confident they can win this year doesn’t mean they shouldn’t send a team especially when it’s a team that would still be in the mix for victory.

There is no excuse valid enough to justify not going to Ernee, the biggest race of the year. The team would still be good.

Where there is a will there is way and both AMA motocross champs will still be there with the Lawrence brothers.

Davey Coombes has offered an update on the situation, here.

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: InFront Moto Racing

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