Team USA might still be going to the MXoN after all!

Steve Matthes has given hope to America and fans all over the world with team USA now appearing to be more likely to be attending Ernee than not!

The original team a week ago was Plessinger, Hampshire and Vohland but it was Vohland who then ended up not going and throwing the whole thing into flux, perhaps with his move to PC Kawasaki interfering with the MXoN plan.

It all meant potentially scuppering the chances of Plessinger and Hampshire, who really want to go. It would be Hampshire’s first time experiencing the biggest race of the year at maybe the best and most atmospheric venue of them all, Ernee. RJ has admitted all year is is desperate to represent the USA at the MXoN at least once in his career. This was his chance.

But with the uproar around the world at the defending champs somehow not going despite have the most riders and biggest budget, it looks like the USA will be in attendence. The worldly wise Zach Osborne has even thrown his hat in the ring, and if he goes it would be like the French picking Christophe Charlier when he moved to Enduro – and yes France won that year! Mike Brown has apparantly even said he’d go! Two British champs and former GP winners stepping up for the States!

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Plessinger was third in the 450 outdoors in America, RJ was in 250 title contention until his crash at Unadilla so they are legitimately top tier riders to lead the team, and, with Barcia currently fit again and racing SMX, the likes of Pierce Brown, Jalek Swoll, or even rookie Beaumer plus the evergreen and always fast Zach Osborne in the mix, as well as Christian Craig, who has also said publicly he will go, there is no reason America still can’t field a very competitive trio at Ernee.

The three guys who go will be American heroes now regardless of the result.

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Align