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Stark Future start shipping VARGs

Stark Future start shipping VARGs
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Stark Future has reached a major milestone, as the first VARGs have been shipped out of its state-of-the-art factory in Barcelona. This marks a significant achievement for the company, as they have been tirelessly working towards this accomplishment.

It’s a truly inspiring moment for the motorcycle industry, to see how Stark Future has developed an industry-shifting motorcycle from the ground up, and now set up mass production. The VARG is a symbol of innovation and possibilities of electric technology, and with its cutting-edge features and unparalleled design, it’s no surprise that it has garnered so much attention and anticipation worldwide.

The successful delivery of the first VARGs represents a new era for Stark future, as it’s at present not only developing motorcycles but is now also manufacturing them.

Tuesday 25th April 2023, a date that will go down in motorcycle history as the very first Stark VARG MX customer production bikes are boxed up and shipped out. The first round of deliveries includes bikes for customers who pre-ordered the Stark VARG back in December 2021. Before the first VARGs were shipped to the USA, the team at Stark Future took a moment to celebrate and mark this momentous occasion.

Improving the production BikeThe VARG MX & MX ALPHA versions have been highly anticipated by Motocross enthusiasts who have been awaiting the release of this performance leader.
As a company, Stark Future did not look for alternatives, easy paths, or shortcuts when developing the Stark VARG. Hard work, relentless testing, and pushing boundaries of what is possible, complemented with an intense desire to overcome struggles and achieve success, was the only way to reaching the ultimate goals. 
Anton Wass, CEO, and Founder¨I would like to say a big thank you to all customers who were inspired by the idea of outperforming existing technology and trusted us with their orders. We have been working extremely hard to bring the VARG into production. Congratulations to the Stark team on this incredible milestone. Developing a high-performance electric vehicle from the ground up is no joke. And setting up mass production is not an easier task. But we did it!
This will be a turning point for the motorcycle industry and we hope that customers around the world are as excited to receive their bikes as we are to build and deliver them. 
We are now working hard to scale production, in order for everyone to receive their VARG as soon as possible. It is now time to ride!¨
Aiming to manufacture the best electric motorcycle on the market and changing the off-road motorcycle industry as we know it has been a main focus for the past 2 and a half years, with a clear mantra in mind, Impossible´ isn’t impossible.
2020 was a year of what seemed full of impossibilities and challenges for many people, it was at the end of that very year when Stark Future was founded. Against all odds, Stark Future has continued to pursue its dream, and the goal is now to increase production to meet demands as the interest in the VARG continues to grow. Stark Future is now expanding its distribution network to enable faster availability and support for customers around the globe. 
About Stark Future
Stark Future is a multi-national company, established in 2019 with Swedish roots but located on the fringes of Barcelona. Making the most of Catalunya’s reputation as one of Europe’s off-road riding ‘hotspots’, Stark Future was able to construct a dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable team from the cream of both the motorcycle and power electronics industries. They rapidly started work on the first model of an ambitious catalogue of next-generation electric motorcycles. The Stark VARG is the result. The highly advanced technology has been dutifully evolved at the firm’s factory, where robotic assembly lines will produce the Stark VARG and forthcoming models to order. The Stark VARG itself is a strong definition of the company’s values. Stark Future wants to challenge the norm to improve how things are done, search for the limit, adapt and set clear, smart, and inspiring goals, and finally, deliver outstanding results.
About the VARG
What is the Stark VARG? The simplest reply: whatever you want it to be. The Stark VARG can be as responsive or as impulsive as a 125cc two-stroke or as torque-heavy and as fast as a 650cc four-stroke. With Stark’s advanced Software, the rider can define his own performance maps. The possibilities are as wide as the bike’s clear versatility. Fueling, injection, carburation, and expensive engine maintenance are forgotten worries. The Stark VARG is one bike but also the six, seven, and eight different off-roaders that you always wanted to try. Clean, light, powerful, quiet, and simple for upkeep.
Through its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Stark Future has earned a loyal following of customers, who are eagerly anticipating the chance to ride their very own VARG and explore the possibilities of electric technology in motorcycling. With the first deliveries officially underway, that dream has now become a reality.

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