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Should Savatgy be allowed to race 250 supercross?

Should Savatgy be allowed to race 250 supercross?
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A points rule that no longer exists forced Joey Savatgy out of the 250 class into the 450 division in the States, but now that he has signed for Triumph to race their 250 in 2024, it has been voted by team’s and team manager’s that Savatgy won’t be allowed to race 250 supercross this season.

Savatgy hasn’t raced the 250 class for a few years now, and he only rode half a season for RWR Racing last year in 450 supercross because he had no ride. So really, where is the harm in letting him race? It brings more prestige and intrigue to the class, especially with Triumph in the mix and a well-known rider.

Savatgy never won the 250 title either despite coming within a couple of turns of doing so and, all in all, it seems pretty harsh for a rider who just missed out on another title at the final WSX round not helped by Vince Friese wiping him out in the second moto. It’s been a rough few days for Savatgy!

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With no supercross to look forward to Savatgy said in the WSX press conference that he is setting his sights on an AMA 250 motocross title. Up against the likes of Deegan, Shimoda and Vialle, he will be a great addition to the super competitive class, and he could be an MXoN option too!

Savatgy said: “I’m not going to race AMA (supercross) this year they’ve decided to not let me (move) down but I’m fully focussed on 2024 MX. For me, it’s a chance to re-write my ending to a 250 career that at the end of the day was my fault for not doing what I needed in 2017.”

Savatgy continued: “I do feel I’m in good shape and between now and the first round I have a lot of time. There’s never been a time in my career where I have felt more hungry, I have the opportunity and want to capitalise on being able to re-write the end of my 250 career and try and win the outdoor title. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the goal, anything shy of that is going to be a disappointment. obviously I know that’s going to be a tall task but I believe with the team around me that I am going to have and the amount of time that I have, it should be feasible.”

With an under 23 rule in GPs, it’s not like Joey can even ride a few of the World rounds before the AMA Nationals begin, but maybe some pre-season international races could be an option, like Hawkstone Park?

Savatgy back on a 250 looking to redeem that Osborne supercross title loss on a brand new manufacturer would have been an awesome storyline, but it looks like we will have to wait until the great outdoors to see what Joey can do back on a 250!

Words: Jonathan McCready

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