Sexton on Tomac’s injury

Chase Sexton says he wasn’t initially sure what was going on with Eli Tomac but showed immense respect for his title rival in the press conference, as the new champ wished Eli the best.

Sexton said: “It’s defintiely tough to comprehend. I honestly didn’t know what was going on, if his bike was broke or he broke a wheel or something. I just found out after the race he hurt his ankle, there is a lot of speculation what actually happened as far as muscle damage but for me I just wanted to capitlise when I saw he was going backwards. Obviously that’s not the way you want to see somebody go out, especially somebody like Eli who is so gnarly. he has been super gnarly the last couple of years and obviously a great competitor I love racing him so, a tough way to see him go out and definitely wish him the best.”

Sexton said of his early season crashes that looked to have taken him out of title contention: “I think some of my crashes earlier in the season were caused by being negative and not having confidence in myself to win these races. In the middle of the season, I was definitely questioning whether I could lead and win an entire main event. I had some time to reset after Seattle and just clear my head. We got a little bit of testing done and I felt super solid on the bike. You have to try and stay positive when things like that are happening, and I knew I could dig myself out of it. It’s never over until it’s over. Obviously, we have another round, so we’ll just have to go there and do the best we can.”

Image: Honda