Searle on going back to a 250 machine

After winning the opening moto of the 250 class at the fastest 40 in dominant fashion, a very honest Tommy Searle explained to Jeff Perrett why he has dropped back to the smaller displacement machine.

“It’s just easier for me to race,” admitted the former MX2 GP winner who is just back from a thumb injury sustained riding the 450 in Arenacross. “I had arm pump then, and if I was on a 450 I would have hated every single minute of that race!

Searle then explained: “I wish I could train like I used too, I wish I could put the hours in but my body unfortunately won’t let me anymore. If I ride twice, I can’t train, I can’t train at hard as I want before I ride. My body can’t keep up with the workload it takes at the top level, and with Conrad and those guys, they are top level riders. I can do that a little bit more on the 250f and I enjoyed it and that was the aim. I enjoyed the racing and that’s why I dropped down.”