Rumour: Prado to race the first three supercross races of 2024?

There are rumours Jorge Prado might be racing the first three supercross races of 2024 to help decide if he wants to race there full time in 2025!

So, should he do it?

Yes, of course! This isn’t a new idea, Jean Michele Bayle raced a few in 89 ahead of winning the 250 world title, Stefan Everts raced a few as a teenager in 1992 as 125 world champion ahead of his move to the 250 GP series, Sebastien Tortelli did the same in 1998 and even won the opener before winning the 250 world title in am all-time battle with Stefan Everts.

If Prado is looking to move full time in 2025 then racing a couple of races in January would be a ideal scenario to get a true feel for the temperature of white hot supercross racing and give him the best gauge possible to make the best decision possible for the rest of his career, and if does move, it accelerates the learning process.

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Yes, there is risk of injury, but Prado’s technical style is made for supercross and there is risk anytime a rider gets on a bike anyway.

The big question Prado has to answer, despite his style being perfect for the technical precision required indoors is, can he deal with the aggressive racing that he doesn’t like to get involved with? Supercross is intense, if he does ride the first three he will be jumping into the deep end and it will be sink or swim.

But if anyone can do it, Jorge Prado is the man who can and it adds even more intrigue to an already mouth-watering opener with Tomac back, Sexton on KTM, Webb back on Yamaha and the Lawrence brothers moving up!

Article: Jonathan McCready