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Rumour: Anthony Bourdon secures an AMA Supercross ride in 2024?

Rumour: Anthony Bourdon secures an AMA Supercross ride in 2024?
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The past few years Anthony Bourdon has been with the BUD Kawasaki Racing team mainly focusing on the French Supercross, French Elite and more recently the WSX series. The French talent has made big improvements over the past few years and was very impressive at Paris Supercross last month running at the very front of the 250cc class.

After Paris Supercross, speaking to DailyMX, Bourdon admitted he was working on heading to race AMA Supercross in 2024 but teams were waiting to see how he performed in Paris.

“I’ve been working on the US project for two months now. In particular, I’m in contact with a few structures over there. For me, it would be great. Going over there on my own – even if I could get support and a lot of help from Bud Racing – would still be complicated, especially logistically. It would be easier for me to join a team there. The US teams were waiting to see the results of the Paris Supercross to see what it would be like; I think I showed some good things, so I hope I’ll have a spot to do a season in the US”.

It appears that Bourdon has indeed secured a ride to contest the AMA Supercross 250cc West Coast series. According to DailyMX, the French rider will sign with BarX Suzuki who also have Derek Drake, Dilan Schwartz and Preston Boespflug under the awning.

It’s thought that even if the deal with BarX Suzuki does fall through, it is thought that BUD Kawasaki would step up and support Bourdon.

2024 will be a big year ahead for the French rider and if all goes according to plan he’ll be riding under the lights at Anaheim 1.

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