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Roczen reflects on EMX crash that left him in ICU at 13!

Roczen reflects on EMX crash that left him in ICU at 13!
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Ken Roczen has spoken of the time he ended up in ICU following a mammoth first turn crash at an EMX race in Portugal that left him with 8 broken ribs and collapsed lung and broken collarbone and taken to intensive care.

Ken said on Instagram: “I got these photos the other day of EU Championship in Portugal 2008…no bueno. My dad picked me up with eyes rolled in the back of my head and blood coming out of my mouth 😬🥴 8 broken ribs, Collapsed lung, broken collarbone. I was 13 years old, got taken to hospital. I was in ICU with 13 other people. My parents had no idea where they took me. The lady next to me passed away and they left her there for 3 hours while I was by my self… Gnarly, I was flown to Germany a couple days later. The hospital was like from WW2. By no means up to “normal standards” over crowded with people in the hallways. I’ll never forget it.”

See the images of the crash on Roczen’s Instagram below:

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