Roczen on night one in Paris – struggled all day

A few sketchy moments including a mistake that let Jett pass him in the final main event left Ken Roczen not happy with his performance on night one of the Paris supercross – let’s see if he can turn it around tonight!

An honest Roczen said: “Tonight didn’t go as planned. I honestly struggled all day. No excuses, but I was by no means where I want to be and that’s ok. I worked through it. Starts, a crash in the second main, some sketchy moments. I had a bit of everything today, not like me at all actually…

Oh well, it’s good to be challenged and uncomfortable. I stare that shit straight in the weyes and don’t shy away from it. Still ended on the podium tonight with a 3-6-2 fot third overall.

Image: KR IG