Roczen on MXoN, world supercross and 2023

Ken Roczen talks about doing World Supercross (get our interview about the new world sx series with the promoter Adam Bailey here), the MXoN and his plans to do supercross and motocross in 2023:

“It really sounded appealing, and I have a great agent as well that made it happen. I was really attracted to breaking up the monotoenous racing shedule every year. I haven’t raced in Europe in a while, something sounded very appealing, I have never been to Australia, I’ve always wanted to go. I want to explore the world a little bit. I always tell everyone I used to travel the world racing, but ever since I’ve come to the US I’ve just been stuck here just to the schedule.

“What is cool with Wales, I think there are going to be some people from Germany come. I really want to go race in Europe, I can’t wait, with the feedback from the fans, the stadium, I know my eyes are going to sparkle.I think it will do me good. I’ve been talking about it for years how I miss going to different countries, different continents, different cultures.

On MXoN…”I haven’t made up my mind yet but with world supercross, I don’t know if I will have time, it’s been 2013 since I raced in Europe so that really has priority for me. I think it would be one weekend off and you would have to go to Wales for World SUpercross and the way I left supercross, I was not comfortable at all, so I would have to do some testing. I don’t know”!

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On 2023.. “I think there is a lot of things up in the air, nothing is concrete, I am pretty sure I’m going to do supercross and motocross again next year. There’s nothing set in stone, it may end up being supercross only. I’m just focusing on racing right now.”

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Image: Honda