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Roczen on his podium in the mud – comeback ride

Roczen on his podium in the mud – comeback ride
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For the second week in a row, Ken Roczen had to come through the field, this time coming up to third and back on the podium after stalling in the first turn and having to kick-start the Suzuki!

Roczen said on the podium: “My mindset was [focused on] getting going. As soon as I got going I’m like, ‘Okay, this is 15 minutes, this is enough time, with people struggling going left and right… we can still make something happen.’ So I really just put my head down and charged forward. I was kinda blown away and really happy at the same time that I caught up to the field quick and was able to just pick people off left and right… I just wanted to go and go and kinda try to have fun with it.”

Ken then said on Instagram: “Love that sh**! Insane day in SF. Some of the heaviest mud i have ever ridden in supercross, hands down. First off i was glad to make i through the heat race with a 3rd. I did NOT want to go to the LCQ and we all know with those kind of conditions that can happen real quick.

“Awesome start in the main too with @chasesexton and i getting there. I went around the first turn 1st but completely blind and couldn’t pull the tear off and ended up stalling it. I just sat there like a dingle berry 😂 I was in disbelief as a start like that was key was to a successful night. Once i got her fired up we went to work and i went from pretty much probably last all the way up to 3rd and secured my first podium of 2024 🙂 Thank you to my team @hepmotorsports , @l_brooks for being by my side and @billy_hartle for making my bike run top notch 🙌🏽🤘🏽”

Images: Feld Entertainment Inc/ Align

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