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Roczen: Biggest win of my career

Roczen: Biggest win of my career
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Ken Roczen reflected on that huge win at Indianapolis on the PulpMX show with Steve Matthes, saying it was the biggest win of his career:

“I’m proud of them (team) for trusting me and, not to toot my own horn, I’m a little proud of myself because it was a big task, believing in your feeling and what you need and following your gut no matter what. Of course I had trust that I could make it happen,but to actually make it happen is a whole other story, right?

“I think by doing all these moves (in the off season), I was so motivated and I really wanted to make this work. I just think I needed this switch and I needed all this new excitement and it was a no-brainer for me to put in that work.”

On holding Barcia off: “I knew that it was Justin. I specifically focused on not letting him get too close to me, he’s a great racer and he’s aggressive, I tried just to delay that. First of all, I was surprised how fast he was going, (the last couple of weekends), which is great for him too, so yeah, it’s a situation you just try to avoid at all costs (letting Barcia get too close).”

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.

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