Rider comments: Italian Championship RD3 – Fermo

The third round of the 24MX Italian Prestige Borilli Pro Series championship in Fermo has concluded, in a weekend characterized by rain which forced to change the race program several times. Here are the statements of the protagonists.

Alberto Forato (winner Mx1): “Luckily the rain pardoned us and we managed to run both heats. Saturday the track was easy and fast, but I was able to start at the front and stay out of trouble. With the rain on Sunday, the track became more selective, even if it was very slippery. I didn’t start very well, but I recovered quickly, I studied Lupino a bit and when I attacked him I was able to go away and win again”.

Alessandro Lupino (Mx1 2nd place) : “In Saturday’s heat I had a good start at the first start, but then the race was stopped due to an accident and at the restart I found myself behind. I started to recover, but when I saw that Forato was already in the lead, I realized I wouldn’t be able to catch him. I also congratulate Croci, who made me struggle until the end to keep second position. In race-2 instead I took the holeshot and pushed hard to get away; I knew Alberto was faster, but I hoped he was delayed at the start. Instead I already had it on the second lap; I tried to keep him behind for a while, then when he passed me I saw that I would have risked too much to keep up with him and I settled for second place”.

Stefano Pezzuto (Mx1 3rd place) : “Two completely different tracks from one day to the next. Saturday was very easy, you had to start well and not make mistakes because we were all there; Sunday, on the other hand, was much more technical and demanding. In the end it was also fun to race on two such different tracks. However, for me this podium is a very good result, I’m really happy. Thanks to the team and the sponsors and see you at the Prestige 125”.

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Simone Croci (Mx1 4th place) : “Saturday the track was easy, but I managed to get off to a good start and keep a good pace; if I hadn’t had a problem with the glasses at the end, I might have even been able to keep Lupino behind. Second heat with a tougher track, in the first lap I touched another rider and I had to recover up to fourth place. I have a little bitterness in my mouth because the podium of the day vanished for a while, but the performance was still good and allowed me to strengthen my third place in the championship”.

Giulio Nava (Mx1 5th place): “It was a practically perfect weekend. On Saturday I finished in sixth place with very good speed throughout the race, even though the track was very smooth and it was difficult to make the difference. Sunday’s heat was run in the rain and with a lot of mud, but I still finished in sixth place. I’m super satisfied with the fifth position overall, with the feeling with the bike and with the team”.

Jan Pancar (winner Mx2) : “The decision to bring the first heat forward to Saturday was the right one, even if the track had been well prepared and was still passable even on Sunday in the rain. In race-2 I was faster than Valk and maybe even Guyon, but it was very difficult to overtake because there were so many lapped riders and only one good line. In any case, I came here with the aim of winning, I’m happy I did and that I recovered important points for the championship”.

Tom Guyon (Mx2 2nd place) : “The start in the first heat wasn’t great, then I had a bit of an armpump because I struggled to gain confidence with the track, however I got a good third place. Sunday the track was very muddy and tricky, I took the holeshot which is the most important thing in these conditions and I tried not to make any mistakes, not even when the laps came. In the end I had to push again because Valk got closer, I’m happy with this win in the heats”.

Ferruccio Zanchi (Mx2 3rd place) : “In the first heat I got off to a decent start and made a good comeback up to second place. In race-2 I collided with another rider coming out of the gate, maybe Iacopi, then I also crashed more than once. In the end I managed to find some solutions to overtake and saved the podium of the day. I also made up some championship points on Fueri and Valk, but I’m convinced I can do much better.”

Alexis Fueri (Mx2 4th place) : “I had a good start in the first heat but I suffered some overtaking and finished fourth. In the second one in the mud I started around sixth, recovered a bit and finished fourth again. All things considered, the outcome of the weekend is ok, I kept the red plate and now I’m concentrating on the next races”.

Cas Valk (Mx2 5th place) : “Saturday was a bad race, I didn’t find myself with the track. In the second heat instead it went well, I was second for a long time but in the end I was overtaken by Pancar because I had some problems with lapping. It’s a shame, but the track was really very difficult and muddy and I showed that I had good pace. In the end, it wasn’t a bad weekend.”

Brando Rispoli (Rookies Cup winner): “I didn’t expect to win today, after a difficult start to the season and the bike change a month ago. The track was complicated, but I’ve always felt good here and then I managed to start from the front in both heats, which was very important. I want to thank the team, the sponsors and everyone who follows me”.

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Noel Zanocz (Rookies cup 2nd place) : “Here in Fermo I had never ridden and with this mud it was really difficult, the bike became very heavy. In the first heat I had a bad start, but I made a good comeback up to second place. In race-2 instead the start was good, but I didn’t find the right lines and I’m not very happy with my riding. However, the second place finish is an ok result”.

Nicola Salvini (Rookies Cup 3rd place) : “In the first heat I didn’t get a good start and I climbed up to fifth place. In race-2 I started around fifth, I made some overtaking, but by now Mancini had gone too far and I had to settle for second position. I’m still happy with the performance.”

Words: Press Release

Image: Davide Elia Scaboro