Rider comments: Italian Championship RD2 – Maggiora

The statements of the protagonists of the second round of the Prestige 24MX Italian motocross championship – Borilli Pro Series for men and women, held last weekend in Maggiora.

Alessandro Lupino: “I’m really happy: last year I suffered a lot from health problems and even now I struggle to have the right pace, but I feel that race after race I can improve. Forato is a good point of reference for me and being close to him was important, even if at the end of race-2 I gave up because I was at the limit and didn’t want to take any risks. I want to thank my team and Beta for this result, I was missing the feeling of victory and it’s great to be at the center of the podium again”.

Alberto Forato:The balance of the day is still positive. In the first moto I was playing a bit with Lupino, but unfortunately I had a problem with the chain and had to retire. In the second the track was a bit slippery, but it went well, I had a good heat and I won”.

Simone Croci: “There were many friends cheering me on today, I’m happy and I thank them. It was a beautiful race, I didn’t expect to get a second and a fourth place, but starting up front makes a lot of difference and I did it in both heats, so that’s okay”.

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Kevin Brumann: “We did a great job this weekend. At first I never thought I’d get on the podium, but in the end we’re here with third place and I’m happy: I want to thank the JK Racing team, my coach Joel Roelants and my mechanic. We try to improve at every race.”

Arminas Jasikonis: “A very unfortunate weekend. In race-1 I was rear-ended at the start, the gear lever was damaged in the accident and I had to finish the heat in that way. In race-2 I had a good start, I was third, but I crashed twice and finished eighth. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but it was definitely a bad day.”

Valerio Lata : “The first heat was a perfect race, leading from the first to the last lap. In race-2 I struggled more, because I stayed behind Pancar and Valk for a few laps, then I managed to pass them, I got on Fueri and overtook him too. The victory at the European championship last week gave me a lot of confidence and now the first victory at the Prestige championship has also arrived, I’m really happy”.

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Alexis Fueri : “I started from the front in both heats, but in the first race I didn’t manage the lapping phase well, my arms got stiff and I lost second position. In race-2 I was in the lead for a long time, then Valerio passed me and I saw that he was making better lines than me. In any case, it was a good race, also because I’m now in the red plate of the championship”.

Cornelius Tondel: In the first heat they had watered the track a bit too much and it wasn’t easy to overtake, so I lost time to recover especially at the start, but I still managed to finish second. In race-2 the track was excellent, the problem was me riding really badly. Anyway this podium is a good result, I think I have the speed to win and even if at the beginning of the season it didn’t go as I wanted, I feel we are improving little by little. I want to thank the team, who are doing a great job.”

Ferruccio Zanchi: “Weekend that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, two mistakes in the first laps of the race didn’t allow me to stay in front. I made two good comebacks, which however don’t leave a smile on my face at the end of the day. Now let’s get back to work to improve.”

Cas Valk : “Two fourth places in a good weekend anyway. I just lacked a bit of speed in the central phase of the heats, where I made some mistakes. However, we continue to work to improve”.

Jan Pancar: “During the warm-up I had some problems with the race bike and I wasn’t able to use it in the heats. In race-1 I had a bad start and, as it was very difficult to overtake, I wasn’t able to ride well, my arms got stiff and I also crashed. Much better in race-2, even if it still took me too much time to overtake. I know I can do more, I’ll try to win from the next race”.

Kiara Fontanesi: “Nicola Rinaldi’s passing affected me deeply and racing in his jersey was really heavy, but I think he too helped me win today. After the Albettone race I was sick and very demoralized, because you think”

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