Ricky Carmichael on his battles with Stewart and Reed

Lewis Phillips and Michael Lindsay got a huge podcast interview with Ricky Carmichael on his career from 05 to 07 and those battles with Stewart and Reed.

On his 2006 championship showdown at Vegas, RC said. “I talked myself into winning. I’m not a big mental guy when it comes to stuff like that. I’m more of a you work hard and you go out there and execute your plan of what you are supposed to do and you’re going yo win.

“Well, I literally talked myself into winning. That whole week I’m like dude, I’m going there and I’m winning, I’m going to get a good start, this is what I’m going to do. I had an absolutely epic, epic week of practice which was great, so I come in feeling confident…”

Listen to rest of the story below in the Youtube clip and the full podcast show below that: