RHL Activities & MX Nationals work together to strengthen British Motocross

RHL Activities and MX Nationals are working together for 2023 strengthening the two biggest Championships in the UK under the Auto Cycle Union. The aim is to rebuild elite domestic motocross and produce two quality Championships for riders to compete in, whilst promoting the sport we love to new audiences, developing youth riders and sourcing new circuits are some of the joint goals.

Paul Irwin from MX Nationals said “I’m tired of hearing people complain about the state of British Motocross. It needs to change for the better and I am confident that by working together we can make improvements that sets us on the right path. The two Championships share a passion for the sport that when in vision will create a strong platform to elevate British Motocross.”

Gareth Hockey from RHL Activities said “This is a positive opportunity for our sport in the UK. Both parties have strengths and weaknesses which by working together we can improve, moving both series and the sport forward to a stronger structure. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with the MXN team towards the end of this season and I am excited for the future.”

Stay tuned for 2023 registrations.

Words: Press Release

Pic: Andrew Conway