Results: Dean Dillon wins his first premier Ulster Quad round at Tinkerhill

It was a very difficult day at Tinkerhill for the fifth round of the Ulster Quads and Sidecar championship as rain coming into the event made the track very wet and slippery. The day was actually cut short after torrential rain hit so after two blocks of racing it was decided enough was enough. 

In the premier quads it was Dean Dillon who took the overall win as he went 2-1 on the day. Dillon has improved a lot this year and he’s finally secured his first overall win in the class he’s been chasing all year. 

Mark McLernon who’s been the man to beat all year and comfortably leads the championship got his day off to a great start winning the opening moto. In race two he was content with third to bring home a solid second overall. Justin Reid ended up third overall as he had a consistent day finishing 3-2 in the moto’s. 

Kevin Meenagh who was impressive at Tandragee had another good day at Tinkerhill in very different conditions to finish fourth overall. 

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In the semi-experts class it was Kyle Orr who took the win having the perfect day winning both moto’s. 

Dean Young edged out Andrew Black in the Clubman quads to take the overall on the day with Matthew Gilchrist and Mithchell Adams respectively finishing third and fourth overall. 

In the youth classes it was Corey O’Hare (auto’s), Adam Gibson (100cc) and Ross Dillon (250cc) took the victories in conditions they wouldn’t have been used too. 

In the sidecar class, Neil Campbell and Ross Graham are used to having things run smoothly but it was far from that at Tinkerhill. In the opening race  they had issues which saw them push the sidecar over the line to get sixth. They had more issues in race two which saw them have a DNF. 

It left the door open for Jonathan Wilson and Andrew Rowan who ended up having the perfect day going 1-1 in the tricky conditions to take the overall win – it’s nice to see a different winner once in a while.  Dean Faulkner and Curtis Beck edged out Ky and Cameron Addis for second overall. 

Overall Results

Premier Quads: 

  1. Dean Dillon 47 pts
  2. Mark McLernon 45 pts
  3. Justin Reid 42 pts 
  4. Kevin Meenagh 36 pts
  5. Aaron Haslett 16 pts

Semi-Expert Quads: 

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  1. Kyle Orr 50 pts

Clubman Quads: 

  1. Dean Young 43 pts
  2. Andrew Black 41 pts
  3. Matthew Gilchrist 40 pts
  4. Mitchell Adams 40 pts
  5. Shane Hunter 22 pts

Youth Auto Quads:

  1. Corey O’Hare 50 pts 
  2. Riley Quinn 44 pts
  3. Jack McKane 40 pts

Youth 100cc Quads:

  1. Adam Gibson 47 pts
  2. Dean Owens 45 pts
  3. Freddie WIlliamson 36 pts

Youth 250cc Quads:

  1. Ross Dillon 50 pts
  2. Mark Milholland 44 pts
  3. Jack Minish 40 pts


  1. Jonathan Wilson/Andrew Rowan 50 pts
  2. Dean Faulkner/Curtis Beck 44 pts
  3. Ky Addis/Cameron Addis 38 pts
  4. Nigel McKibbin/Adam McKibbin 34 pts
  5. Jordan Weir/Jason Carey 30 pts

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Two Brothers Photography