Results: 450 AMA Motocross Colorado – Lawrence 1-2!

Image: Honda

Justin Cooper led for 25 minutes before being caught and passed by the Lawrence brothers who had come from 5th and 6th. Hunter then pulled away from Jett in the last couple of laps to take his first ever 450 race win.

Chase Sexton had a poor race starting just behind Anderson, but he couldn’t keep the pace and was ten seconds off Jett when he crashed out of fourth, finishing sixth.

Justin Cooper led for 28 minutes after Sexton went down trying to pass him for the lead.

But, with 2 minutes to go, the Lawrence boys surged past and battled each other until the last lap for the overall win with Jett holding on to the lead to take a brilliant win just a week after that huge crash! The kid is tough too when he needs to be and he dug deep for that one.

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But it’s Hunter Lawrence who now leads the championship by 6 points over Chase Sexton and 16 over Jett.

Hunter said: “That little sh*t got me! It was a good ride. It was cool to go down to the wire. We made a big change on the bike during the week for both of us, I think it paid off pretty good.”

Jett said: “Going into that second moto my legs were shot. But I dug deep, I didn’t expect this, I’m just glad I’m up here.”