Report: WSX qualifying heats Abu Dhabi


Matt Moss took the holeshot in the opening heat with Roczen having a terrible start and almost going down and having to come from the back on a very tight track. Roczen could only make one pass, such was the track tightness as Savatgy finally made the move on Moss in the whoops on the last lap to take the win.

Vince Friese took the holeshot and the win with Aaron Tanti, then Oldenburg then Dean Wilson all trying to pass Friese and none able to find a way. But Wilson looked good moving from fourth to second.

The bars will be banging in the main events, the starts are everything!

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Friese said: “I have a whole lot more speed if I need it. I was working out where to defend for the main event.”

Heat one:

Heat two:


Luke Clout ran away with the opening 250 heat but heat two was where the action was as Wilson Todd barely held off Max Anstie in the second heat for the win as Shane McElrath had a bad start then went down, finishing ninth and a bad gate pick for the championship leader!

Heat one:

Heat two:

Matt Moss took the superpole top spot from Dean Wilson and Joey Savatgy.

Report: Jonathan McCready

Image: WSX