Report and results: Ulster Quad & Sidecar Championship RD4 – Tandragee

Attentions turned to the fourth round of the Ulster Quads and Sidecar series which took place at Tandragee. The venue has been off the calendar for a while and plenty of track modifications since the last time the last Quads/Sidecars riders would have raced so they had to get to grips with what is now a very fast track. 

In the premier quad class, it was yet another overall win for Mark McLernon and this time he had the perfect day winning all three of the races. In the opening moto, McLernon grabbed the holeshot and controlled the lead at the front. Justin Reid kept things respectful but he just couldn’t get close enough to mount an attack. There was a fierce battle for third with Dean Dillon getting the better of David Cowan, Kyle Murphy and Kevin Meenagh who produced some good racing. 

In the second race, McLernon didn’t get the holeshot but made some quick passes around the first couple of corners and by the end of the lap was already leading. This race was much more comfortable as he cleared off into the distance. Dillon didn’t get the best of starts but made some nice passes to find his way into second with Reid in third and Cowan in fourth. Aaron Haslett had a great ride to come home in fifth just edging out Jonathan McKnight. 

The final race of the day was the closest as Dillon stepped up his game but yet again McLernon had all the answers but there was less than a second that separated the pair across the finish – that’s close! Reid rounded of a solid day coming home in third as he edged out Meenagh who had a great day to end up a strong fourth overall. 

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In the semi-expert class it was Sean Cassidy who took the overall as he won two of the moto’s. 

The clubman class produced some good racing with Shane Hunter coming out in top going 1-2-1 to edge out Josh McKnight with Dean Young securing third overall. 

Corey O’Hare (Auto), Adam Gibson (100cc) and Ross Dillon (250cc) were victorious in the youth classes.

In the sidecar class, it was Neil Campbell and Ross Graham who were once again on form and had a dominant day going 1-1-1. Jonathan and Andrew Wilson had a consistent day to finish second overall with Dean Faulkner and Curtis Beck rounding off the podium. Gary Moulds was in action but as his English passenger couldn’t make it which meant he was partnered with Ben Alexander and the pair finished fourth overall. Moulds will be teamed up with Lewis Gray in the World Championship next weekend which heads to Czech Republic. 

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Overall Results

Premier Quads:

  1. Mark McLernon 75 pts
  2. Dean Dillon 64 pts
  3. Justin Reid 62 pts
  4. Kevin Meenagh 47 pts
  5. Jonathan McKnight 45 pts

Semi-Expert Quads:

  1. Sean Cassidy 70 pts
  2. Kyle Orr 62 pts
  3. Ruairi McCloskey 47 pts
  4. Stephen Toye 38 pts

Clubman Quads:

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  1. Shane Hunter 72 pts
  2. Josh McKnight 67 pts
  3. Dean Young 54 pts
  4. Matthew Gilchrist 52 pts
  5. Andrew Black 52 points

Youth Auto Quads:

  1. Corey O’Hare 75 pts
  2. Jack McKane 62 pts
  3. Riley Quinn 62 pts
  4. James Brown 56 pts

Youth 100cc Quads:

  1. Adam Gibson 72 pts
  2. Dean Owens 69 pts
  3. Daniel Duddy 58 pts
  4. Conor Bradley 56 pts
  5. Rory Farren 47 pts

Youth 250cc Quads:

  1. Ross Dillon 75 pts
  2. Jack Manish 64 pts
  3. Luke Dillon 62 pts
  4. Charlie Williamson 47 pts
  5. Jamie Wilson 47 pts


  1. Neil Campbell/Ross Graham 75 pts
  2. Jonathan Wilson/Andrew Wilson 66 pts
  3. Dean Faulkner/Curtis Beck 60 pts
  4. Gary Moulds/Ben Alexander 49 pts
  5. Andy Nixon/Louise Houston 48 pts

Article: Andy McKinstry 

Pics: Nigel McKinstry