Rejuvenated Roczen on enjoying the work

Ken Roczen opened up on the amount of work and testing hours he is putting into getting the Suzuki on the podium, and the German also revealed he is doing his training alone!

Speaking after his first podium on the Suzuki in a season that has seen Roczen go 5,4,3 and emerge just 11 points behind championship leader, Eli Tomac, after three rounds, Roczen said: “It’s been extremely fun, I think I know more about the bike and the technical side of things than I ever had.

“It’s been very busy for me,” he continued, “besides the training and riding and all that stuff. I feel like I’m on the phone and emailing all the time. I have been really enjoying it.

“It’s really hard to talk about how much work we’ve been putting in, but we have been doing some big changes, riding a lot during the week. (It’s) paying off right now. We’re all pulling on the same string and obviously results wise we’re going in the right direction. We still have a a lot of work ahead.

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“I don’t feel like all this work is a hassle for me, I’m really into at the moment,” he admitted. “My health has been really good, so that helps. I think it’s (work) is needed to get to the top and I’m pretty confident I’m doing the right thing. I’m planning all my training myself. For right now, I don’t have anyone telling me what to do, I think I’m the best judge of that, and it’s working out. I’ve never needed anyone to kick me out of bed in the morning to go train.

“With all the off-season races I’ve done I didn’t really see the need for anyone telling me what to do because I was flying to Australia, California anf England and it’s hard to follow a program from someone that’s not with me. It started with that and I enjoyed that and my health has been a lot better recently I have been absorbing everything and I was able to work out a bit harder. I feel like I started to get a better system, I think mainly with myself feeling better and absorbing it, I feel fitter and stronger and I am not getting so tired throughout the weeks.

I needed change urgently and from there, that got the ball rolling. Im a pretty self-motivated guy, I don’t need anyone kicking me out of bed, I have a pretty good schedule going. It’s a snowball, you start somewhere and you feel kikr something works out and I got better and had more fun doing it and I enjoy working with the team as well and working on the motorcycle to get better and actually seeing it pay off, its just a big booster in general.”

See Roczem doing his fitness work below:

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Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: HEP Suzuki