Reisulis and Van Erp heading to Hutten Metaal Yamaha for 2023?

It’s been a very good year for Ivano van Erp and Kārlis Alberts Reišulis contesting the EMX125 series with them finishing second and fifth in the championship respectively. Towards the end of the season, van Erp was in great form and won the Junior World Championship in Finland to end his 125cc career on a real high note.

Both riders will now have a fresh challenge for the 2023 season as Loic Le Foll, the team owner of the MCJ Yamaha team has appeared to confirm that both will move up to the EMX250 series next year. He reveals that both bright young talents will sign with the Hutten Metaal Yamaha team.

“There have been some ups and downs over the years, but we never give up on building the future for Yamaha Europe, as we have with Thibault Bénistant and Rick Elzinga. Ivano van Erp and Karlis Reisulis are now ready, after having been trained at MJC Yamaha, to move up to the 250cc in the team Hutten Metaal, in the network set up by Yamaha Europe. Thank you Ivano for putting a point of honour to finish this season on the top of the podium, thank you Karlis for staying true fighting to the end and giving your all. It was an emotional weekend as they will now move to another team but they will forever be in our hearts, today I am proud I believed in them, I am proud that my team gave them the support to walk on the podiums, and I’m confident in their future in the Yamaha family”, Le Foll stated on social media. 

The Hutten Metaal Yamaha team are one of the best EMX250 teams and won the title this year with Rick Elzinga so will be hoping to be competitive in 2023 as well. The team usually run three riders and alongside Reisulis and van Erp in 2023, they will try to keep Andrea Bonacorsi as well who would be a championship contender.

Pic: Yamaha Racing