Regan Duffy update

Regan Duffy has been through the wars after almost dying following a crash in Western Australia. Duffy, one of Australia’s next big talents, was tipped to be coming over to race MXGP very soon until the accident happened and changed his life.

Duffy has posted a detailed message talking about his accident and everything he has been through since – tough man!

“Hey everyone. I haven’t been the most transparent person throughout the course of this injury but who can blame me really. I just haven’t felt like I was ready to let everyone know some of the details as it’s a bit confronting I suppose. So I’ll dive straight in.

“On October 17 2021 I was involved in a freak accident at the final round of the state championships in Western Australia in which another bike ran me over unintentionally due to my front wheel being taken out from someone else. The race got red flagged (cancelled) and the medics along with close family and friends rushed to my aid. Straight away they noticed I wasn’t right as I was not responding and was coughing up a lot of blood. (I was dying). The medics did all they could and the Helicopter was called but it was unable to land due to certain circumstances so I was placed in an ambulance and rushed to Bunbury regional hospital. I had torn the Aorta off my heart and was bleeding out on the inside along with collapsed lungs.

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“Among some other injuries. Bunbury hospital did all they could giving blood transfusions to me through the blood bags and clamping the artery on my heart that was damaged. My Dad and family were advised that I was in a stable condition and should start driving to Royal Perth hospital. As I was put into the helicopter my condition worsened dramatically I went into a state of traumatic cardiac arrest and was losing blood rapidly. I unfortunately had a traumatic stroke also where I sustained a Hypoxic ischaemic brain injury. I’m led to believe I was brought back from death multiple times on that flight. One doctor telling my dad it was the worst flight in his life. I landed into Fiona Stanley hospital (yes they sent my dad and family to the wrong hospital) and went straight into critical care in the icu. I was put into an induced coma and they split my sternum open and did open heart surgery putting in artificial stents and the like. It was 8 days before I woke up again. Following that I spent multiple more weeks in the icu continuing to recover. I had many doctors and nurses baffled at how I had survived let alone not been disabled or have permanent damage to parts of my body.

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“The doctors told my dad I would be in hospital for a minimum of 6 months but with sheer will power and wanting to prove the doctors wrong along with my loved ones beside me everyday I refused to believe it and was home in 4 weeks. I did however suffer from pneumonia a couple weeks into being home and had to get my lungs drained of a serious amount of fluid. Since being home I have just been working on my left arm and hand as it was totally paralyzed from my stroke. Now fortunately after a lot of hard work I’m down to trying to regain the fine motor skills in my hand which is proving to be the most difficult part of the arm. I’m still waiting to be fully cleared of my heart but did recently get cleared of a large blood clot I had in my arm which is great.

“Now the question on everyone’s mind. “Will you race again”
You can bet that I am going to try because I’ll never give up on the sport I love!! I have slowly been getting more seat time on my pit bike and electric bike. I’m feeling stronger each time. Less than 2 months after the accident I had my first roll around on the pit bike which was a bloody good feeling haha! Anyway I’m really looking forward to posting some photos and videos of me getting out there on my play bikes and most of all in the future jumping back on my big bike!

“So much love for all my family, friends and supporters. #RD72”