Race results: ADAC MX Masters RD1 – Dreetz – Nagl wins

In the opening MX Masters race it was Max Nagl domination – what a ride! It was Jorge Zaragoza who took the holeshot and led the early laps but as soon as Nagl made a pass he rode into the distance.

Lars van Berkel rode really well in the deep sand to make a couple of passes to get himself into second but with two laps to go he had Jordi Tixier for company. Tixier didn’t get a good start bured outside the top ten and in the end had to settle for third.

The second moto was more Max Nagl domination as he took a good start and pulled away at the front. After a technical issue in moto one, Adam Sterry took a good start and rode well to come home in second. It was another bad start for Jordi Tixier but he worked his way up to third.

It was Adam Sterry who took the holeshot in race three and he was doing well to hold off Max Nagl but once the German hit the front just like the first two moto’s he dominated – what a weekend! Unfortunately, after being passed by Stefan Ekerold, Adam Sterry then suffered from a crash. Jordi Tixier had another terrible start but came through to second but if he’s to win this championship his starts are going to have to improve.

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Race One:

Race Two:

Race Three:


Pic: Eva Szabadfi