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Prado on his US supercross dream

Prado on his US supercross dream
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Andy McKinstry spoke to Jorge Prado on his brilliant start to the 2023 MXGP season, working with Joel Smets and the rumours that Prado still wants to go to the US to race supercross.

The smooth and technically perfect Spaniard rides very like Stefan Everts and, like Everts, in the 90s when he moved to the premier 250cc class in 1992 as world champion, harbours supercross ambitions.

Everts even rode some 250 supercross as a taster as a teenager in 1992 and had good speed but he wanted that 250 world title before he went. But, due to injuries, then a bike he wasn’t totally comfortable on in 1993 that couldn’t get the starts to rival the rapid Albertyn, followed by a broken collarbone in 1994 while in position to take the title then coming up a handful of points short Everts, like Prado who has suffered similar frustartions in the last three years, went into his fourth year desperate to be world champ and he made it happen.

Three rounds in and Prado is making it happen so far in 2023 but at the end of 1995, Everts decided not to go to America after all and concentrate on MXGP, and that decision took him to a record ten world titles. Prado looks to have a similar decision to make at the end of this season, and, right now, Prado still wants to head to the States but admits he is fully focussed on winning the world title this season before taking a decision for 2024.

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So will he do an Everts and remain in MXGP or make the jump across the pond to experience AMA supercross. There is no doubt Prado has the technical skills for America’s favourite dirt bike series but it would be a big loss for the MXGP series, hot on the heels of Tom Vialle leaving to race Stateside and in contrast, a huge coup for AMA SX/MX to get a rider of Prado’s level.

See what he had to say to Gatedrop below:

Last question, your contract with Gas Gas is up at the end of the year, the rumours about America never seem to go away with you but I think if you are going to make the move it would probably have to be the end of this year. Are you happy doing GPs and is this where you see your future? I personally hope so!

It depends, I would like to go there and race supercross. For the moment, I am very focused on getting this title. I think it’s the year to get it done. we are in a good way. I really need to stay focused and hammer the training, trying to do my best in every single race, don’t make mistakes and then I think I am able to get this championship. And after that, I think I can think about different things like I am interested in, like moving to the US, it would be cool.

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Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo

Article: Jonathan McCready

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