Pit Beirer comments on plans for the DIGA Procross team

With the Austrian manufactures making cuts for the 2022 MXGP season there had been speculation regarding the DIGA-Procross team who currently run the Factory GasGas MX2 World Championship team.  The good news is that it looks like they will still get some factory in support but are likely to change brand from GasGas to KTM.

Pit Beirer has revealed to speedweek.com that Liam Everts and Thomas Kjer Olsen are likely to join the team for the 2022 season. The team have focused on the MX2 World Championship until now but with Olsen under the awning for the 2022 season it will see them run an MXGP World Championship rider. After a good year in the EMX250 series, the move to the DIGA Procross team will see Liam Everts make the move to the MX2 World Championship.

“Something is looming, it’s not quite finished yet. However, I believe that it will work and that we will accommodate the young Liam Everts there, plus Thomas Kjer Olsen, who is now riding in the Husqvarna Factory Team. We will put these two riders in there with the hope that Stefan Everts will give the team additional glamor”, Beirer told speedweek. 

The changes mean that Simon Längenfelder and Isak Gifting who currently race for the DIGA Procross team will be on the move for the 2022 season. Längenfelder has been linked with a move to the de Carli GasGas team whilst Gifting has been linked with Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee but it remains to be seen if both moves will get done.

Source: Speedweek.com

Pic: JP Acevedo Photo