Patrice Assendelft offers his thoughts on running the MXoN during an MXGP season

Infront have openly said that in the future, they will think about running the Motocross Des Nations during the MXGP World Championship season and not at the end which up until this season has been the tradition. This year, it will happen if we get back to racing but with the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t much choice to do it during the season as the MXGP is likely carry into Novemeber and maybe even longer if things don’t improve.

However, the Motocross Des Nations during a normal MXGP season which isn’t affected by the current pandemic is certainly an interesting thought – we’ve been getting opinions around the paddock on the matter to see what people inside the industry think.

Dutch Motocross Des Nations team manager, Patrice Assendelft who has nice memories from Assen last year winning the event with the Dutch for the first time was kind enough to offer his thoughts on the matter.

On running the Nations during an MXGP season.. 

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“To be honest, I don’t think it’s a good idea, that’s my personal opinion which you asked for. Especially the riders that are fighting for World Championships, they won’t be willing to take risks during the season which could harm them in the World Championship chase. I would always prefer to have the Motocross Des Nations at the end of the season and preferably a week in between the last GP as well and not the week after. You need a week to meet your team and prepare yourself for the next venue/race with them. That would be my most ideal scenario – after the World Championship and after the last race, one-week rest and then the Motocross Des Nations”, Assendelft told

On factory manufacturers possibly not allowing riders to race that are battling for championship titles.. 

“No, I’m not worried about that. I think for the manufacturers, it’s a great opportunity to show their products to the rest of the world. I mean it’s the biggest event with the most spectators live and worldwide on television and the internet. I think the manufacturers will always participate at the Motocross Des Nations with the top riders available”, added Assendelft.

The Dutch MXoN team manager did reveal he would like more American and Australian riders to come and race the World Championship as he believes it would make it even more exciting..

“I think there should be more to interest American and Australian riders to participate in the world championship which would make it even more attractive than what it already is. Now most riders are European participating in the World Championship, it would make it even more exciting if even more American and Australian riders came to race. Supercross is a totally different sport but the American outdoors, they are not as strong as the World Championship. There’s a big big gap between the level there and the MXGP World Championship so if there could be more of an integration it might be more interesting for the American’s to race the World Championship and maybe for the Aussie’s as well”, Assendelft concluded.

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Infront Moto Racing