Orlando 2 – same track configuration after bad weather

Orlando 2 will now not be a brand new track as expected with the track crew forced to stick to the same layout after bad weather in the area – track obstacles will however change.

Mike Muye, Director Of Operations for Monster Energy Supercross, explained the reasons on Twitter this morning: “Immediately following Orlando 1 Supercross, we did a full maintenance of the track and re-covered it in plastic to preserve what we had. 3 Full days are required to safely change over the track to the original concept for Orlando 2 and unfortunately the weather throughout this week did not cooperate and the base was saturated to the point we did not want to traverse equipment on it. The best course of action to provide the best racetrack for Saturday’s Orlando 2 race was to keep the same track configuration with new obstacles.”

See the track map here:

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.