MX Nationals UK statement regarding British Championship clash

Firstly, we are hugely disappointed in the decision by the ACU/RHL confirming/announcing a new date clash with us (MX Nationals) on the 19th/20th June.

I have tried to work with RHL and the ACU to find solutions for their championship, but this last date clash is not something I have agreed with (contrary to their press release).

We are committed to this weekend for Round 2 and have already paid in advance for the Hawkstone circuit.

We take riders’ money in good faith when they register for the MX Nationals championship. We have some fantastic sponsors who also invest in this series.
We invest that money back into the championship to bring the best series we can.

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It is not fair for us to continue to take your money and not be able, due to decisions taken by another federation, to deliver the championship we promised.

These continuous clashes put us at financial risk every time we have an issue like this.

We don’t run this championship for financial gain, but we also don’t want to lose money and not deliver on our promises. We can’t and don’t want to run with half empty gates or cut corners to make the figures add up.

We owe it to the riders, the sponsors, the teams and true motocross fans to be upfront. Without your support there simply isn’t a sustainable Championship.

Now is the time for you, riders and fans, to decide if you want us to continue.

We hope to see (many of) you at our next round on the 19th/20th at Hawkstone Park.

Words: MX Nationals

Pic: Toofast Media Group