More support confirmed for private teams in overseas MXGP events

David Luongo has revealed that privateer teams will receive more support for overseas GP races in a positive step towards more bikes on the gate.

The CEO of InFront Moto Racing said in his editorial in the latest MXGP magazine: “On the novelties side for the next year, the freight allowance for the private teams that come to the overseas will increase. We clearly witnessed during the last years, especially during the Covid time, a big increase of the costs for the transportation. This situation is clearly affecting all of us. On another way it is also very clear that the MXGP World Championship has to go worldwide and to continue to develop our favorite sport in new markets where fans are growing, too. It was important to adapt our support to the situation.

“Therefore, we are sensibly increasing the support for the private teams and riders, this will allow a better and more comfortable participation to the overseas Grand Prix for the teams. The beauty of motocross has always been the fact that the man counts more than the bike and we always had great stories of riders coming from the pack and winning races or having great results from a private structure. In the upcoming days, more novelties will come and I will be able to present them in my next editorial.”

Read the full magazine here.