Mike Genova statement on Vince Friese taking out Christian Craig

I felt it necessary to address the incident involving MCR rider Vince Friese and Star Yamaha rider Christian Craig during this past weekend’s race in Glendale, AZ.

After close review by the MCR team and AMA, it has been agreed upon that while Vince’s line choice in the sand was not the smartest, there was no intent or malice in colliding with Christian. This is evidenced in the video replay that shows Vince braking hard, causing his rear wheel to slide and ultimately make contact with Christian.

That said, the entire MCR team and I are relieved that Christian wasn’t injured in the crash but also remorseful for how things transpired in Glendale last Saturday for all parties involved. Vince has personally contacted Christian to address the situation and express there was absolutely zero intent to make contact or knock Christian out of the race.

MCR understands that Christian is the premier rider in the 250 West class and is easily favored to win week in and week out. As the team owner, I want to make it very clear that in no way do I endorse, promote, or agree with any malicious or dirty act of conduct by my riders on or off the track. Our goal as a team is not to take out the current points leader and hope things turn out good, but to get great starts, race hard and clean, and secure the best results possible.

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While there are varying opinions and perceptions of MCR and Vince Friese, those who know us know our commitment to professionalism is first and foremost. Our team is always striving to provide exemplary representation for our sponsors. ~ Mike Genova


Image: Feld Entertainment Inc

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