Mike Brown wants to race a US National in 2024 – in his 50s!

At 50 years old, Mike Brown just won the 40 plus opening moto at Loretta’s by thirty seconds over Jeff emig, who had to come from 10tht on a 300 two-stroke with Racer X’s Kris Keefer third.

On the podium while talking to Jason Weigandt, Brown said: My who career, I want to win, doesn’t matter if it’s pro sport or +75, I want to win, the bike is good, I love the bike, new 350 KTM. I have been here many times but I am not here to tak advantage of it. This is the onyl race I count on all year, so I guarentee next if I come back, after nexy year, I will do a National after Loretta’s for sure.

“I’m trying to get as many championships here, I’m not chasing it but I’m getting close, enjoy one more year of it and then try a National and if I qualify good and if I don’t, I’ll probably be back here.”

See the race 2 hours 35 minutes in below: