Mewse on illness thwarting his Russian GP chances

Conrad Mewse has given an update on his health after being unable to race the first two GP motos of year with illness leaving him too far off the pace in qualifying and too exhausted to race.

“It wasn’t the dream start I have worked so hard for, said Mewse. “I have completed months of training in preparation for the GP races but unfortunately due to illness Russia just wasn’t possible. I returned to training this week, I am feeling healthy and ready to get behind the gate for the next round of the @acubritishmx this weekend. The timing of my illness couldn’t of been any worse, I must thank my team @hitachiktmfuelledbymilwaukee and all our sponsors for their continued support. I am looking forward positively to the rest of the 2021 season.”

Image: Hitachi KTM IG