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McAdoo and Vialle on Indy

McAdoo and Vialle on Indy

Hear from the twop two and Indy and the top two in the championship as McAdoo takes the red plate off Vialle – but there is only two points in it!

McAdoo: “It’s been a while since I got a win. They all feel so good… I’m just so grateful to be in this position, to be this healthy, to fight for this, and just to race my dirt bike. Like, that was what I live for, going into that third race tied on points and just that lock-in [of focus]. And like I’ve been saying all night, just [focusing on] being present where my feet are, and gosh, I’m just so proud of that one.

I’ve had a long road, just as all of us have. Dirt bikes are tough, and they’re so rewarding, but I’m just so grateful for my family who’ve been with me. They love me just as much every time, whether I come home and win or [get] 15th or whatever it is. And this is just so special to get to do it in front of you guys. I’ve said it before, this is my dream. Shout out to my dad. He had to work today; he’s in construction and he’s only like an hour and a half away from here but he couldn’t make it so – love you, Pops. Shout out to all my people behind me, every time…

This is so special. And a quote that I’ve really tried to live by lately is – my wife has a sign in our room that says, ‘These are the good old days,’ and I truly believe that, so I’m grateful for this. Thank you to Indy fans. I love this city… This one felt really good and these aren’t easy to come by so I’m gonna soak it in. [When McAdoo was told his race bike will run the red plate the next time he rides it] That gives me chills. That’s surreal to me, still. I’ve had it twice and, yeah, I’m just gonna keep working for this, and keep doing our best; Can’t wait to get home to my pup.”

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Vialle: Actually, it felt really good in the first moto, and then I had the crash in the whoops, so I was kind of frustrated. And I didn’t ride really good [in the] second one. I rode the best all day, I think, in the third one, and I’m pretty happy…

The track was tough tonight, that’s for sure. I had a good start in the last [Race] and grabbed the win. After the crash [in the first Race] I was kind of frustrated, and I [said to myself that] I really wanna win the last one, and I was pretty happy with that one.

I mean, we lost the red plate, and a couple of points, but [there are] still a lot of races to go; so we are still there in the fight and that’s what mattered tonight. And I’m really happy. I want to thank everyone here tonight who came to watch the race, and my team, sponsors, parents, family, everyone around me; thank you so much.”

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.