Lupino on Montevarchi and racing two AMA Nationals

Alessandro Lupino can sometimes be a bit underrated but the Italian, when he is comfortable, can go very fast indeed! He underlined his potential at Montevarchi last weekend when he ran with and passed Glenn Coldenhoff in race one to take second behind Gajser and again ran with Glenn in race two – but this time couldn’t make the pass stick and had to settle for third. But Lupino looks great on the KTM and told us this week that he also enjoyed racing with Glenn.

“Montevarchi was fun,” acknowledged Lupino. “We had some good battles and I like to race with him (Coldenhoff), he is always clean like me. I was a little bit disappointed I couldn’t pass him in second moto. I tried the first lap and I passed him but then I make mistake and Glenned passed me back. I am having a lot of fun riding the KTM.”

On getting to race the opening US Nationals of the year, Lupino says it was an opportunity he couldn’t say no to. “Yes, I get this opportunity and I said why not will be a good experience! It was an idea from the team and our sponsors have helped to make it possible. We will have a KTM bike there, then WP will give suspension there and an HGS pipe but I will ride with a stock bike.”

And Lupino isn’t stressing about results in America or the world championship revealing: “My goal is to have fun this year, I don’t care about expectations.” It’s an attitude that is already paying off so far in his own national series in 2021!

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Alex Piantanida/ Lupino Instagram