Liam Everts joins the Red Bull family

Just like his father and ten-time world champion Stefan Everts in his heyday, up-and-coming talent Liam will soon be blasting around the circuits wearing a Red Bull helmet. And you don’t get that just like that, of course.

Red Bull firmly believes in the talent of Liam Everts. And of course they want to support that in every possible way and allow it to flourish. Because giving wings is what Red Bull does. To celebrate that collaboration, Liam received a personalized helmet. And who better to hand it over than his father and ten-time motocross world champion Stefan Everts?

“Being part of the Red Bull family is a great honor. They are already big names in motocross alone. So being able to ride around with that helmet is a dream come true. Something really special. The fact that I also succeed my father in this way makes it even more special. cool.”Liam Everts

It would be great if Liam ever become world champion. Three generations … Unseen! I really hope so. But if he matches his grandfather, that would be great too.” – Stefan Everts

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Liam: “My goal is to build. In a class higher this year: EMX250. That will not be easy, because a lot of riders are coming back from MX2 to EMX250. So it will go very quickly. But with patience and hard work think. I think we can certainly show ourselves. Everything is there. It is a matter of taking the time to complete the puzzle and make everything fit. “

Stefan: “There is still work to be done, of course. Liam still has to gain a lot of experience and learn to perform better under the pressure he is getting from his name. But the passion is there, together with the commitment and the discipline. He also has the feeling, talent and insight are in his DNA.”

Liam: “My family name brings pressure of course. But once I start racing, I disappear into my bubble and focus only on myself, my bike and the track. But it remains something special after my father and grandfather. .

Stefan: “I find it mixed. On the one hand, I am extremely proud that Liam not only succeeds me but also his grandfather and therefore keeps the name Everts in motocross, but on the other hand I also know the risks of our sport. So I’m concerned and don’t want him to get hurt badly. “

Stefan: “I guide Liam in everything and try to avoid as many risks as possible. From the first day that he was on the bike, I always gave priority to safety. I always give him my honest opinion, we work together on the weaknesses. and especially don’t want to move forward too quickly. I really don’t want to put extra pressure on him, because there is already one. I know how that feels. My father was also a name. And I took it very calmly with him. This allowed me to perform at top level for a very long time.”

Words: Press Release

Pics: Gino Maes / Red Bull Content Poo