Lacapelle Marival International: 2021 edition cancelled!

The Lacapelle Moto Club did everything to organize his traditional Masters of Motocross, but finally and despite changing the date of the event several times, the club has been forced to cancel the 2021 edition.

As all the organisers in France and all over the world, the club has considered all solutions and has been looking to all opportunities to organize the event, changing twice the date to try to finally met riders and fans during the last weekend of May. But one-month prior the event, the club has been forced to cancel it. “Every week we listen carefully to our first minister press conference concerning the Covid 19, and unfortunately there is no clear statement for the coming weeks” explain president Vincent Ayroles who had been working hard with the club members to prepare the race. “The situation could be better mid may, but after talking with the regional authorities nothing can be confirmed before mid may; we have to wait this date to know if we can meet public, and what would be the conditions to organize the race. But that’s impossible to wait mid may, as we would have only two weeks to prepare such an event! There’s a lot of things that you can do one or two months before the race, but that’s really impossible to wait so long and maybe to be forced to cancel everything at the last minute. I want to thanks all our volunteers, all the teams and riders who are following us since several years, and we are so sorry to postpone the event to 2022.”

Last year Jeffrey Herlings and Tom Vialle won the event, and both were on the starting list for this year. See you in 2022, and good luck to everyone for the season.

Words and pic: Mediacross