KTM confirm Herlings ruled out of Oss moto two

Jeffrey Herlings got landed on during the opening lap of the first MXGP moto at Oss and remarkably still came back to win.

However, we are hearing from multiple sources at the circuit that Herlings has already left the track and has a shoulder injury as a result of getting landed on which makes his moto win even more remarkable.

We believe Herlings won’t race the second moto of Oss – more bad luck for the four time World Championship but we will continue to keep you updated as and when we hear more on the situation.

UPDATE: KTM have confirmed Herlings is ruled out of moto two due to a shoulder blade issue. 

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“After taking a fantastic first moto victory at Oss for #MXGPNetherlands. @JHerlings84 will not take part in the second outing due to a shoulder blade issue. The Dutchman was hit by another rider in the opening minute of the first race at his home GP #MXGP”, KTM stated on social media. 

See the incident that may have ended Herlings world title chances below:

Image: Ray Archer