Justin Amian on departing MXGP

The sad news was announced last week that the DIGA-Procross KTM team would be withdrawing from the MXGP World Championship as Justin Amian’s father health has took a turn for the worse.

Amian has now made the difficult decision to focus on his family business and as a result will be departing the MXGP paddock.

You can read Amian’s statement below:

“After more than 1 million Kilometer on the road, more than 50 times been 24 hours non-stop awaked for travelling all over the world. Sleeping in total more than one year in different hotel beds, and all this for one goal. Unfortunately after running 12 years successful the only passion in my life, my Motocross GP Team, I don’t manage it to make my biggest dream in my live true, to become one day FIM Motocross World Champion.

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Since I was born, there was not only one thing in my life what I took 100% seriously, only been a Motocross Manger gives me step by step the self-confidence to make something really brilliant in my life.
Motocross was for me always a privilege, but the real life woke me up two weeks ago with a big Hammer full gas in my face.

My heart is still broken, but you have much, you can lose a lot. But people from of our sports knows, to perform successful, you need to be mental strong for your goal.

**If you are not mentally strong enough – you are not able and ready to fight for your title**

Motocross will be always my first love in my life, and I will never go away 100%, but my time to perform as team manager is sadly over and out now. Thanks for all this, 100000 memories of the last year’s, and of course, I’m f***ing proud of all my partners and sponsors and definitely also about my CREW. Now I need to make my self Ready in shape, to fight for a new Challenge to become a successful CEO in our Family business”. 

Pic: Ray Archer