Jonass, Bogers, Langenfelder and Gifting ready for second half of the GP season

Well, we’re just about halfway through the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship, our GASGAS Factory Racing riders having enjoyed a few weeks away from the racetrack. But it’s back to business this weekend as the series fires back into life with the MXGP of Turkey.

So, before we get back to racing, we figured it was a good time to catch up with our top-flight MX racers to get an overview of how their seasons have been so far, and find out what we can expect as the world tour marches on into the autumn. Rather than tell you what’s happened, we’re handing things over to Pauls, Brian, Simon, and Isak. Take it away, guys…

Pauls Jonass – Currently seventh in the MXGP World Championship

“So far this season has been pretty decent for me. For sure there have been highs and lows, but this is motocross racing! Overall though, I’m happy with how things have gone during the first half. I’ve been consistent and finished each moto with mostly strong results, so I’ll be looking to continue like this as the season progresses, just with more results closer to the front.

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“I’ve had a few highlights so far this year, starting with round one in Russia. In moto two there I finished third, which was a great result considering that I hadn’t raced since March 2020. That was a real confidence boost and confirmed that I still have what it takes to be one of the top guys. Then leading laps at Lommel and getting on the overall podium was a really nice feeling as the hard work that myself and the team had put in had really paid off.

“We’ve had a bit of a summer break recently and I’ve actually spent a lot of that time working on my physical condition, as well as some suspension testing. My main focus though was on my fitness, and I put in some really hard work to improve my level for the second half of the season.

“Overall, this year has been pretty good so far. There is so much talent in the class that it’s not easy to find success all of the time, but I know what I need to do to run up front with the top guys and achieve more great results as the season continues. I can’t wait to get things going again!”

Brian Bogers – Currently 14th in the MXGP World Championship

“It’s been a pretty good season for me in 2021 so far. It can always be better, but overall I’ve had some really good races and results so I know that I can contend with the top riders in the MXGP class.

“It was nice to spend some time away from the bike after Latvia, to rest the body and let it recover in readiness for the second half of the season. The class is so competitive that you need to be 100% at all times to be successful. My bike is amazing and I feel like my fitness is where it needs to be, so my focus from here onwards will be on getting good starts. When I start up front I can run with those guys and when I’ve done that, I’ve gone on to claim my best results.

“We still have a lot of rounds and races to go and for me it will be important to find the right balance of training and resting between races so that when I line up on race day I’m at my peak in terms of physical strength. At the moment, everything is really positive and I had a great day in Latvia at the last round, so I’m confident for this form to continue as we head to Turkey for two GPs.”

Simon Langenfelder – Currently 10th in the MX2 World Championship

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“I’ve really enjoyed the season so far and there have been a few highlights for me. Holeshotting a moto at Matterley Basin was awesome and my riding there was really good. I rode like I knew I could, and my lap times were strong on every lap. That was a great GP for me and it showed in my results. I also led laps in Oss, which was amazing, until I unfortunately threw it away by crashing in a corner!

“My bike is working really well so it was nice to head into the short break we had knowing that I could just focus on my riding and training. I actually rode some longer motos during my training, longer than what we race in MX2, just to bring my fitness up a little bit more so that I can be stronger during the final laps of the races. Right now, I feel really good and I’m ready for the second half of the season.

“If you can start up front in a world championship race, you have a clear track and you can also learn from other riders, follow their lines, and see what they’re doing on the track. This really helps to improve your speed. I feel like my pace is good, and with the work I’ve been doing recently I think I’ll be able to manage my races better and secure better results.

“I’m looking forward to racing again. I’m not really phased by the long run of races on the calendar, and I’ll adapt what I do during the week depending on how I feel after each GP. If it’s been really tough, I may take a couple of days of rest but if I feel good then I will train as normal. I’m exciting to get going again and I’m really looking forward to the MXGP of Turkey this weekend.”

Isak Gifting – Currently 16th in the MX2 World Championship

“My season so far hasn’t really gone as expected, unfortunately. My riding and speed is good, I just seem to find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oss was good for me, though, I was sixth overall there so I know I can be one of the top guys. I feel great on the bike and I really need to reduce my crashes, although they haven’t always been my fault. But that’s racing!

“During the break in the calendar I headed home to Sweden to regroup for a little while and then I began training again on hardpack tracks. I’m really hoping to turn things around and I’m confident that the work I’ve put in recently will pay off in Turkey, and set the tone for the rest of the year.

“It’s been a little up and down this season but if I can stay on two wheels, relax a little and not make too many mistakes, then better results will come. I know what I need to work on so now it’s just a case of putting everything together on race days.

“I have a pretty solid training plan to see me through the busy second half of the season. Having raced plenty of triple-header events in 2020, I’m used to racing a lot and know what to do between races to stay at my peak. For sure I’m looking forward to the sand races on the calendar the most and also the Motocross of Nations in Italy later this month.”

The FIM Motocross World Championship continues with round eight, the MXGP of Turkey on September 5.

Words and pic: GasGas