Joey Savatgy to Triumph!

“It’s a 2 year deal with Triumph, (250) motocross next year, 450 the following. The bike’s awesome.” Joey Savatgy has revealed on the Pulp MX show that he will be a Triumph rider for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

But, because he isn’t eligible to race 250 supercross (and Savatgy isn’t happy abnout this), the supercross only rider will be a 250 motocross only (plus SMX) next year in America, with Triumph a 250 only team in 2024.

But with Triumph having a 450 team in 2025, Savatgy will be back in the big show as he goes back to the 450 class in his second season with the team this time for SX and MX.

Savatgy will be joined by Evan Ferry, yes, Tim Ferry’s son, and it is rumoured Jalek Swoll will also join what would be a strong team for their first season!

Hear from Joey below on the deal, the bike and why he can’t race 250 supercross – he has a point!

Image: WSX