Jett Lawrence with a health update ahead of Colorado – still not 100%!

Jett Lawrence Honda
Image: Honda

An as usual very open Jett Lawrence has admitted he will not be 100% this weekend due to a few ongoing issues from that big crash at Hangtown but he has been riding to try and get the settings better on the 450 Honda!

Jett has only ever broken one bone in his career, that was at Anaheim when he was 16 battling Dylan Ferrandis, after he crashed on the last lap going for the win and breaking his collarbone (plus knocking himself out), he has never been injured since! So, this is another challenge he isn’t used to, riding injured and not 100% and now dealing with a an on-form Sexton – can he haul back the momentum against a 100% Chase? It will be some achievement if he can!

Talking to Lewis Phillip’s on Vital MX, Jett said: “Close to 100%? No, I got a big chunk taken out of my leg from the footpeg, so that leg is kind of a bit dead. I messed up my shoulder a bit, so my shoulder kind of gives out in the long run and also my neck – I have pretty bad whiplash! So there is multiple things but we were able to ride on Tuesday and Wednesday because I had to get some testing in, the bike wasn’t quite right.

“We are going back to our 23′ setting, we are trying to make some new parts for the 24′ that worked in supercross but on outdoors those same parts didn’t work as well. We will see how it goes we are looking forward to it, and hopefully this new bike set-up helps also a little bit.”

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