Jett Lawrence on suspension changes – not comfortable at Pala

Image: Honda

Jett Lawrence admitted he wasn’t that comfortable at Pala, especially in the first moto and went on to explain the differences between how he uses his legs in supercross and motocross.

After moto one at Pala it showed Lawrence not that happy with the back as he explained to his mechanic the bike was moving around and his his post race interview, Jett said: “I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted too.”

Speaking in the press conference Jett elaborated more and said: “When the bike isn’t working the way you want it to be you have to put a little bit more effort everywhere else to hold it down or whatever it’s doing. You need to adjust to that and use a bit more strength to hold it. The first moto was the worst, I could kind of push a little hard at the start when the bumps weren’t so vicious but once we got later, halfway, it got a little worse when I tried to use more flow.

“We got it sorted for the second one but then ended up kind of of going to the front a little more. In supercross we are a little heavier with our legs and we don’t move them as much because we had such stiff suspension so we try and get the suspension to work more where in outdoors you try and use your legs a lot more so throughout the season I think we get better and better and get my moto legs more and more.”

An interesting insight but the scary aspect remains…Jett can go faster that he did at Pala and he still went 1-1!