Jeffrey Herlings update – expected to miss more than just Indonesian GP rounds

Jeffrey Herlings has offered an injury update to Omroep Brabant and has revealed he won’t be back on a bike for the next six weeks. It means he’ll miss the GP’s at Loket and Lommel too with Finland also unlikely.

The five times world champion is targeting a return to racing at Sweden – at least he’ll also be back for his home Grand Prix at Arnhem and will then build towards the Motocross Des Nations in October.

“The doctor says that I have to rest for six weeks and I will listen to that. It was a very neat fracture, but it is about my neck. If I fall on it again it could get much worse and I’m not taking that risk. The plan is to be back on the bike six weeks after the fall. I can then participate in the Grand Prix in Sweden again. Or maybe I will ride Finland as training the week before. It depends on how everything heals.”, Herlings told Omroep Brabant.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Image: Scott Dunne