Jason Anderson back on form = title contender?

Jason Anderson won his first race since 2018 last weekend and, when you take into account his speed at round one until Barcia took him out, Anderson might be the form rider so far this season and he probably should have the red plate!

That Barcia clash means, ironically, that it’s actually Justin with the red plate but Anderson has adapted to the aluminium frame quickly on the Kawasaki, looks fast, fit and focused and has a team around him that has big experience in winning championships – can he continue this form and bring home his second title?

Anderson says he’s never doubted his talent to win: “I’m getting older but being able to know that I still got it and able to still win, it feels amazing. Forty-seven races was a long amount of races to go without a win, especially with all that work being put in, but we did it. Now I just want more. I always feel like I really have the talent and the speed to win, I just haven’t been putting it together. This year realistically, last year I only had two third places and only a handful of top fives. Honestly, if you look at it, it seemed like I was kind of on a decline. For me, I’ve always believed in my talent and things like that, so no matter what I just kept believing and just trying every day. Trying, and trying, and trying, and it happened. Don’t give up.

“To be honest, with the Kawi, I really have days to where I’m still trying to figure it out. I rode obviously the steel frame for so many years that I kind of knew what it did good and what it did bad. Riding this bike, I’m still learning it day in and day out. To be honest, I feel really comfortable on it. I felt good in the off-season. Obviously, I had my bad days where you didn’t feel that good. My good days were really, really good. Just working with the team and stuff like that, we really progressed every day. Just the dynamic and the way they go about improving from day to day with the team is what I like. They brought me in, and we work together really well. It’s been awesome. I feel like it’s not a surprise to me, but I’m glad that it’s actually coming as good as it is and happening.”

Image: Kawasaki