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Stewart not happy with Roczen’s lack of aggression!

Stewart not happy with Roczen’s lack of aggression!
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James Stewart has given his assessment of the San Diego supercross and thinks Ken Roczen needs to be more aggressive after he lost the battle for the podium to the always aggressive Justin Barcia.

“They just think you are going to roll over, they are not going to fear him,” said Stewart. “I sense with Ken it’s a new team, new year, he is here for the long haul. But I also feel like that hurts Ken, in the sense that they don’t fear him. They don’t fear him at all and that hurts him. They fear Cooper, even though he may not be as fast as him, they fear Justin, they fear Anderson, they fear Eli – but they don’t fear Ken. You can tell by the way they ride against him, nobody is worried about him coming in and taking them out. He almost ran off the track with Barcia.

“Perspective and what people think of you is a big thing and I think, as good as Roczen is and as talented as this kid is, what used to make me worried about him when I raced him was I didn’t know this dude. I didn’t know his weaknesses, where he was strong, so it made me unsure. These guys feel they know this cat, they know he isn’t going to run it in there. I think Roczen needs to take a Bi*tch out, I really do because, let’s be honest, he isn’t going to win the championship anyway. If you are really in here to win, you need to make a splash, you need to send a message.

“Barcia is good, but he rode his way to third because of what Ken thought of Justin, that’s facts. It’s the perception…right now there is no fear, that was a third place for Ken all day long.”

Roczen of course tried to be aggressive with Cooper Webb the year he came back from his arm injury and ended up breaking his hand badly when it got caught in Webb’s bacK wheel – maybe that is also in the back of his mind..

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